It was only a matter of time before fans of Nintendo’s SNES Classic were able to come up with interesting homebrew software. According to NintendoLife, Russian hacker Alexey ‘Cluster’ Avdyukhin used special software to crack the SNES Classic software and boot up additional games on the console that weren’t in its original lineup of titles. The software used by Alexy was his own hakchi2 software, which allowed him to get Chrono Trigger running on the console.

Check out the video below to the SNES Classic running the game through Alexy’s software.

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While the process that makes this possible isn’t simple by any means, Alexy was able to do this because the SNES Classic hardware is so similar to that of the NES Classic. However, it’s not as simple as dragging and dropping game files into the console’s storage. When asked about the potential of updated software or additional games that can be added, Alexy stated, “No, there is too [much] work. I need a week, I think”.

While it is interesting to see this done by fellow gamers, it should be noted that this is looked at as piracy and isn’t supported by Nintendo, nor do we condone it. Yet, there are always new and intriguing things that are created by the community that push the boundaries of what is possible with products like the SNES Classic.