Speedruns are always changing the way we look at classic games; to the point where playing through the game normally sometimes isn’t enough when setting a new record. TaylorTotFTW seems to feel the same way, and has done an Ocarina of Time speedrun worth taking a look at.

While utilizing various glitches and exploits, speedrunner Taylor adds an extra layer of challenge to his two-hour and twenty-one-minute, tool-assisted speedrun of the game. Throughout his entire playtime, he avoids opening up any doors while simultaneously finishing every dungeon and reaching the end of the game. Check out the full video of the speedrun down below, which includes commentary.

Speedrunning through Zelda games isn’t something new to the community, but doing so with such a restriction as not opening up any doors is quite interesting. Taylor has provided the full breakdown of his unique speedrun on Pastebin, showing the incredible amount of skill and persistence it takes to accomplish such a feat.

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Update/editor’s note: The original speedrun in this video was actually performed by TaylorTotFTWnot ZeldaFreakGlitch, who simply provided commentary for the video above. This article has since been corrected in order to give credit to Taylor.

That was an error made during the editing process, and not the fault of our author Jakejames who, turns out, had his information correct the first time (we were just testing him, you see). Sorry folks!

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