If you’ve ever played, and managed to finish, Zelda IIThe Adventure of Link, you might have thought that the game ended with Link happily receiving a kiss from Princess Zelda. In the newest entry in his popular Boundary Break series, host Shesez peers behind the pixelated facade, and we now know exactly what Link and Zelda were up to when that curtain fell.

By removing the foreground, Shesez shows us that the two sprites are moved closer together with Zelda slightly behind Link, giving the appearance of a warm embrace. This scene uses a special sprite for Link, in order to show the two characters holding hands as the princess thanks him for saving her, but the unaltered sprites are merely moved closer together as the curtain lowers in front of them. Looks like Link didn’t get that kiss he was looking for after all.

Check out the video below for some other interesting facts about areas just off-screen, including what happens when Link strays too far from the original map, and what can happen when encountering enemies on tiles of the overworld which are usually inaccessible in the game.

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