YouTuber Delzethin creates very detailed concepts for new playable characters in Super Smash Bros. His latest concept is the Link present in Breath of the Wild, who he calls “Wild Link.” Far from being a clone of the existing Link, this concept makes use of the many different weapon types in Breath of the Wild.

The moveset Delzethin has in mind for Wild Link keeps the originality of the iteration from Breath of the Wild. Instead of the boomerang or the bow, Wild Link has Cryonis, Magnesis, Remote Bomb, and Updraft (which should really be called Revali’s Gale, if you ask me) as his special moves. As for the final smash, Wild Link trades the master sword for the ancient arrows as he unveils his “Ancient Volley,” using ancient arrows to eradicate his enemies.

What do you think of this moveset? It makes for a pretty cool Link for the next Smash Bro.s if I do say so myself!