ThinkGeek is known for their exclusive items and sought after collectibles. They provide many fashionable nerdy clothing, and they hit the mark as they released an entire COLLECTION of Breath of the Wild apparel ranging from jackets, coats, and shirts, to ponchos, hats, and backpacks!

Providing these amazing designs is MusterBrand, a company that specializing in blurring the line between gaming and fashion. They may sound familiar to you since we did a piece on an interesting jacket they made.

Part of this collection of apparel is accessories for each champion, including a tasseled beanie for Mipha, a regular beaniefor Daruk, A hooded scarf based on Revali, and a chiffon scarf inpsired by Urbosa

For the relaxed style, they’ve made a few ponchos featuring the champion tunic design or one inspired by the hylian hood(though the item name is “Hylian Shield” the details say it’s inspired from the hylian hood).

Wanna show your adventurous side? They even have a backpack boldly featuring a triforce! It can even carry roughly 900 korok seeds. How convenient!

Stay warm with their sweet coat, too! But their likely more popular item will be the shirt featuring the symbols of the four Divine Beasts. Check out all of these items at ThinkGeeks website!

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