A few months back Eiji Aonuma revealed a surprising choice for his favourite song from the Legend of Zelda franchise. However there is typically not much debate around what would be the creepiest song in any Zelda game.

The Song of Storms, and Guru-Guru (the weird Windmill guy), are well remembered for their memorable and slightly disturbing melody. But YouTube user Chris Kogos has taken it a step further by using Link’s screams to recreate the song.

You can access the video here!*

Yup, that just happened. The Legend of Zelda is a series which always hits the nail on the head with their music choice, but this may be one version which shouldn’t be included any time soon. I wonder what Guru-Guru thinks about this version?

*Editor’s note: We’ve decided not to embed the video on this page as we normally would, due to the content pictured in the thumbnail. Please note that the text at the end of this video contains mature language.