The Legend of Zelda is famous for its iconic music. Few, if any other game franchise, can boast a soundtrack just as magical or beautiful. It’s impossible to imagine any memorable moment from the series without the music that goes with it.

Aonuma recently revealed what his favourite song is from the Zelda franchise, and it may not be what you expect:

“My favourite music track from the Zelda series is the music from the Molgera boss battle, in the Wind Waker.”


Obviously, boss battles have to be dramatic and exciting, with the soundtrack being crafted to help raise the tension and build the sense of danger. It’s clear that Aonuma’s choice does just that. As he goes on to explain, the combination of powerful percussions and unique traditional Japanese drums really provide a sense of action and spectacle. “I really like it because that track starts with powerful percussions. It begins with Taiko Drums, which are big traditional Japanese drums, but what you hear is not the sound you get when you hit the drumhead, but the outer edge of the drum instead, which gives a very peculiar type of percussions that I’m going to perform for you now…”

As a bonus, Aonuma revealed that the name of the wind ensemble he is a part of, alongside other Nintendo workers, is called The Wind Wakers. Pretty neat!

Watch the video below to hear the Molgera Boss Battle music:

It’ll be interesting to see how music is utilized within the upcoming Breath of the Wild release, which is only three days away from release!

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