Hard4Games is a YouTube group best known for their Zelda beta questing and N64DD content. Starting out in their parents basement, they’ve made a name for themselves with a subscriber count totalling over 32,000, with videos released every Saturday morning.

In their latest project, the team used a VHS player with an HDMI output to upload an old promotional tape for Majora’s Mask. The tape claims the game to be a possible “sequel to the greatest video game ever”, obviously hinting towards Ocarina of Time.

Chris Campbell, “Nintendo’s Game Guru”, goes on to explain the prologue and plot of Majora’s Mask, discussing the three-day cycle mechanic and reasoning for the Expansion Pak requirement as well. He also talks about the transformation masks (specifically the Goron and Zora masks respectively) and even calls the game “much more than a sequel.”

The Majora’s Mask segment ends with an offer for $10 off a gold colored Nintendo 64 controller if you reserved a copy of the game before October 25, 2000. Ah, memories!

We’re then treated to the sneak peek of Banjo-Tooie, featuring Armond Williams, “Nintendo Game Master”. Talking about the sequels new moves, new mechanics, expanded world, and increase in graphics. Williams says “it’s an extension of an already great game.” which I couldn’t agree more with!

How do you think the promo holds up?

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