In a curious twist of fate, despite stating just a couple of years ago that they would close down their stores on Thanksgiving, GameStop locations in the United States will be opening their doors to customers this year. While their specific hours of operation have not yet been announced, we do know that it will be a shorter day than usual.

Staff from Kotaku reportedly spoke to two employees who were present at the time GameStop decided to open their stores for the holiday. Recent financial reports have cited GameStop’s shares tanking, so perhaps this is an attempt to help them bounce back.

Regardless, a move like this may prove to be a controversial one. Over the years, other retailing chains have felt the pressure from their customers to stay closed on holidays. Not to mention many people are preoccupied for the day spending time with friends and loved ones, meaning business may still be slow.

What are your thoughts on GameStop being open on Thanksgiving? Could you see yourself going to one of their stores or do you think it’s a bad idea on their part?

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