Colorware is a site that will allow you to customize the color of a multitude of items, from video-game systems and their controllers, to studio microphones. They created their own limited series, customized further than usually done, including a pair of NES themed Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

Keep in mind: these are unofficial Joy-Cons and have a high price tag of $199(USD). There is a possibility that official themed Joy-Cons are in the works.

The Joy-Cons include light grey strap rails and isn’t shown with actual straps in promotional photos. Face buttons (ABXY) on the right controller are replaced with solid red buttons, their assigned button printed on the controller itself, just like the classic! There’s also a D-pad outline around the directional buttons on the left controller, to give that old school look. To top it off, they bordered them with light grey around black, along with red Start/Select above the +/- buttons respectively.

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