Majora’s Mask is one of the darkest games in the Zelda franchise, and Saltycatfish brings that to life in this piece of fan art, “Deku Mask”. The dark shading, sketchy outlines, and eerie background all suit the tone of this game perfectly well! The scene captured by the artist reminisces of both the terrors of Link’s first transformation as well as the vast relief of the song of healing’s powers.

I can’t stress enough how well the color palette is just perfect for this artwork. The darkened, dulled accents make for an ominous overtone. The glowing eyes of the Deku Scrubs exude that nightmarish feel upon that first transformation, but not too many as to overwhelm the viewer or flood the canvas. Link’s expression is so relaxed, showing his contentment with the spell, at last, being broken.

One of the things I (and many other fans) love about Majora’s Mask is its bizarre world and unearthly inflections, and this piece of art reflects that marvelously. I would love to see some artwork similar to this in which Link is holding different masks, such as the Goron or Zora’s with their story being played out through the scenery and Link’s reaction to the masks would vary on the situation. Regardless of what Saltycatfish creates next, I am always looking forward to it!