It has been a week since Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight and fans are still eagerly discussing their favourite reveals and previews. Super Mario Odyssey headlined, but arguably Metroid 4 stole the show. The Master Trials was also featured prominently, with The Champions’ Ballad also teased. Nintendo had a great showing during the conference, but gamers will always debate over who actually ‘won’ E3. Typically this is a discussion which is ongoing with no predominant answer, but recent social media analysis has revealed which companies were most discussed during the E3 conference.

Companies such as FanCensus, Brandwatch and Synthesio shared their analysis of social media mentions and references relating to E3 to conduct this research. Similar companies found Breath of the Wild to be the most talked about game at last year’s E3. The companies started their research by analyzing which companies got the most mentions.

Microsoft dominated at this year’s E3 with 44% of mentions. Their new Xbox One X console gave fans a lot to discuss and debate. Nintendo are some way off with only 15% of mentions, but this is above all the other companies included in the research. That’s an impressive number considering some of the new games and hardware revealed during E3.

Despite Microsoft’s dominance over other gaming companies, mentions for individual games are much more even.

According to this research Breath of the Wild is someway off the top of the mentioned games list. However it is understandable that DLC would not be as discussed as new games. Nintendo will certainly be pleased to see some of their other exclusives near the top of the list.

This data provides a lot of insight into how fans perceived certain games and companies during E3. Of course the research does not indicate if the mention was positive or negative, but it reveals which games people were most interested in. Nintendo is heavily relying on it’s first-party games for the Switch, and it seems that it is currently a successful tactic. But the social media discussion around E3 could also suggest that the Switch should be offering more exciting third-party titles.

Which games were you most interested in during this year’s E3?

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