Snakebyte, one of the first companies to create aftermarket accessories for the Nintendo Switch, unveiled a new line of products at this year’s E3. Snakebyte prides itself on making accessories that will stand up to plenty of use when using your Switch on the go. There was plenty of stuff they showed off, so it might be best to prepare your wallet!

First off is the Nintendo Switch Power Pack, with a 7000 mAH Lithium Ion battery built in. This case will add up to 4 hours of game time to your Switch while in handheld mode. The case fits snugly around the Switch and has a built-in kickstand that will allow for tabletop gaming while hitting up some multiplayer in Mario Kart. It also has an integrated battery storage indicator light to let you know how much juice the pack has remaining while looking for some more shrines in Breath of the Wild.

The Nintendo Switch Starter Kit Pro is perfect if you plan on taking your Switch on the go a lot. This is an upgraded version of their original Starter kit, built with more durable materials. The kit includes a bag to hold your Switch, game case that holds 12 cartridges, Silicon controller caps for your joy-cons, stereo in-ear headphones, ultra-hard tempered screen protector, microfiber cleaning cloth and a soft card.

For those who love road trips, the Nintendo Switch Seat: Mount is a great accessory. This seat mount fits over most car seat head rests and ensures a snug yet non-damaging hold of your Switch consoles for on-the-go gaming without having to worry about having your switch on your lap or holding it for extended periods of time.

Have two sets of Joy-cons? Then the Nintendo Switch Four Charge is a must have to make sure all your controllers are primed and ready to go for your next four player Mario Kart session. The small tower allows four joy-cons to easily slide in and charge while not being in use.

We are excited to see how well Snakebyte’s second generation of accessories do for the Switch in the coming months as the Switch’s sales continue to soar.

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