In the latest post from the official Breath of the Wild blog, the game’s lead cinematic designer Naoki Mori discusses creating cutscenes. With Breath of the Wild being significantly less linear than previous Zelda titles, the developers had to determine how the incorporate cinematic sequences in a story-driven game without hindering the players’ freedom. That’s where the Memories come in.

Memories can be found in any order. Mori explains that Princess Zelda serves two roles: the princess who seals and the princess who researches. Collecting the memories gives the player a little more insight on the two roles. Mori hopes that as players unlock cutscenes and learn more about the princess, that they will “want to help Zelda.”

  • DimensionalRanger

    *Spoiler warning ahead for those who have not played through the whole game, you have been warned.*

    I’d like to point out that Link plays next to no role at all in this game, and goes through almost no developement at all. Heck, the Master Sword isn’t even necessary against the final boss and plays no role in beating it apart from making the fight easier… Zelda saves herself at the end. The Master Sword doesn’t unlock an alternate ending like I had previously thought, I mean it’s the ‘Sword that Seals the Darkness’, it’s got to be really important, right? Wrong.

    I have the unpopular opinion that Breath of the Wild is not perfect, and is not in my top 3 Zelda games. While I recognize the huge amount of gameplay content and size of the game (both of which are amazing), the lore and story put into it just don’t cut it for me. I just can’t feel like Hyrule needs to be saved, there is too much emphasis on exploring everywhere but the quest-driven path. And even though the champions and Zelda have nice designs, I can’t see more in them then just that, nice character designs. In the words of Shakespeare: ‘more matter, less art!’ Blame the story-gameplay balance, I guess.

    Where’s the Triforce? Why does the Master Sword do nothing else than being a shiny sword that kills faster? Why does the Master Swors run out of energy (canon-wise, I know it’s for gameplay balance)? Does Zelda have the full Triforce? If so, why is it reduced to only a sealing power? Doesn’t Zelda alredy have sealing power from Hylia’s lineage? Why does Zelda’s sealing power manifest itself as the Triforce crest (Hyila’s crest is on the spirit orbs)? If Ganon was always after the Triforce, why does he return when it has virtually disappeared from the face of the world? How did the Sheikah tribe go from a mysterious Ninja-esque people to the behind-the-scenes rulers of Hyrule (seriously, the whole game is about Sheikah tech)? What one earth happened 10 000 years ago when Hyrule was more advanced than our own civilization?

    I undersand that NIntendo was aiming to refresh the series by changing the gameplay. However, I love Zelda for the story, and this story, while full of potential, was (the way I see it) hindered by the gameplay style and makes little sense in the whole Zelda canon.

    But to set things straight, I do no hate this game, I recognize the effort that went into it and congratulate Nintendo for making such a monument of a video game. The problem is me: the way story and gameplay are treated just doesn’t give me the same wonder previous games did.

    Anyway, please share your thoughts about how you like the game if you feel so inclined. We all became fans of this awesome series for our own reasons, what’s yours?