Despite its huge size and complicated physics engine, Breath of the Wild is impressively low on glitches, at least in comparison to some of it’s other open-world brethren. However, no game is perfect, and eagle-eyed users (possibly with too much time on their hands, but we thank them for it) have discovered a glitch that loses Link the Thunder Helm completely.

It actually seems rather difficult to execute, and requires a little bit of bad luck, but if Link’s clothing inventory is completely full, and he then talks to Riju after completing all the side-quests within Gerudo Town, there’s a chance he will “acquire” the Thunder Helm without it showing up in his inventory. Even selling a few items after the fact, or activating a blood moon, won’t return it to either the pedestal in Riju’s throne room, or Link’s inventory. Usually the game pretends that you haven’t completed all the side-quests to prevent this happening, but something is occurring underneath the hood that means every now and then this glitch will happen.

Worth bearing in mind if you like to keep a few different varieties of outfits on hand but have yet to pick up some of the key items within the game. Link acquires the Zora armour in a similar fashion, being given it by an NPC, so it’s possible players could be locked out of the full ending with all Heart Containers should they activate the glitch there.

Thanks to Nintendo3DSChannel on YouTube for discovering this one. You can watch the explanation for the glitch yourself below.

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