Happy Friday everyone! Ever single Friday, Zelda Universe writers strive to shine the spotlight on incredible artists who have used their talent to create Zelda fanart. This week, I came across an artist named zeldacw on Deviantart and quickly fell in love with their work. This artist has created countless amounts of Zelda fanart that are simply dazzling.

The piece that I selected for today features Link from Hyrule Warriors. I remember investing hours into Hyrule Warriors when I got the Wii U just trying to complete the whole game and obtain all of the Gold Skulltulas. All of my fond memories of the game came rushing to my head when I spotted this beautiful piece of art. Link’s design in Hyrule Warriors has become one of my overall favorite┬ámodels, and the artist really does the original work justice while incorporating their own unique interpretation. Nothing makes me happier than sharing incredible fanart with fellow Zelda fans, and I hope you enjoy this week’s pick as much as I do!

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