Many Zelda fans have wondered how the franchise would fare on the big screen. With so many games currently being made into movies or TV shows it seems strange that Zelda has not been attempted, especially considering the huge appeal for Breath of the Wild. Perhaps the silent protagonist is a convention which is too difficult to appear in a movie, with the voice actor for Princess Zelda even commenting on the challenges for the role in the game. Despite these potential issues in developing a Zelda film, there is a project on Indiegogo which aims to do just that.

Led by Jamie Costa (best known for his short film Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Tradethe project aims to create a short film based on the iconic game series. The team have recently released a trailer for the film which teases what to expect if the short film is created.

Link is training to be the protector of The Temple of Ages and is aided by Raura, who oversees Link’s development into The Chosen Hero. Temple of Ages is situated in a timeline from the franchise and follows the events of some previous games.

The Indiegogo project also offers various incentives for pledging money too. If you donate a certain amount you receive some of the perks below it too. The incentives include posters and merchandise, with higher tiers offering associate and executive producer credits. Some of these incentives may be pricey, but they are awesome perks that hopefully will get more people to back it. Currently the team are looking for $30,000 (which is a flexible goal) and are 16 percent towards their final goal. The team have revealed where the funds would be going to be as transparent as possible.

You can still go to their Indiegogo page and back the project if it’s something that interests you. Act quickly though as there’s only a month left for the fundraising goal!

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