Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing brand, held a t-shirt designing contest earlier this year with a theme based on Nintendo. Over 16,000 people from around the world entered this contest, and from them Shigeru Miyamoto and other members of the Nintendo team chose their favourite designs.

Out of the designs chosen for printing, three “favorite” designs were also selected. In first place was this Mario t-shirt, designed by Takashi Kawazoe.

Second place was awarded to this Splatoon t-shirt, designed by Shino Yamazaki.

Third place was awarded to this Zelda t-shirt, designed by David Ricardo Flores Gomez.

Uniqlo currently have all of the t-shirt designs on their website, and they’ll be available to order from May 19 — or May 18 with early access. Each design is really fun and unique, with other IP’s such as Pokemon, Star Fox and Kirby also available. Now you can show off your love for Nintendo by wearing a t-shirt featuring your favourite character, and know it was designed by a Nintendo fan! The hard question is, what shirt will you buy first?

Source Uniqlo