Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is still cherishing their Nintendo Switch and putting lots of time into Breath of the Wild. For the past couple of weeks, I have sought out Breath of the Wild fanart to express my excitement for the newest Legend of Zelda addition, and this week was certainly no exception.

This art piece by Neko-Slay absolutely blew me away the first time that I stumbled upon it. I’m a sucker for cute fanart, especially when it feature Link, and his softened facial features make my heart melt. I really love the way that Link’s face contrasts with his surroundings, and the artist does an incredible job of bringing the scene to life. This piece is my pick for this week, and I can’t wait to keep searching through more Breath of the Wild fanart!

  • Redbird

    That’s some cringeworthy fanart. That’s not Link, that’s a girl.

    • Theodore Homdrom

      looks more like a younger version of Link than a girl. Not cringeworthy, unless you’re uptight about cute stuff

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