E3 with Nintendo has had it’s fair share of exclusive swag for attending the convention. But as YouTuber Pikasprey Yellow shows us, these items might not always make sense. As a result, they’re often tossed away or lost rather than preserved, making those that remain extremely rare collectibles.

One such piece is the Twilight Princess “Preview Trailer” DS cartridge. Months before the first DS model had even hit store shelves, Nintendo gave out this strange piece of Zelda history at E3. With no device to watch it on, and seemingly no reason to own a Wii trailer ill-fitted to play off a cartridge, many of these found their ways to various dumps; making the below video the only way people like us will ever know of it.

It’s fascinating to see how far the DS line has come since the first iteration. Where once it was a struggle to show a Wii trailer on the device we can now play games such as Xenoblade Chronicles on the newest model. What’s your favorite part of Zelda’s history with the DS?

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