The Deku Palace has always held a special place in my memories of Majora’s Mask. It’s most likely because of the hundreds of times I’ve played through this phase of the game in particular (it’s really the only part of the game I’ve personally played through — more on that later, though), but I’ve always been very interested in the Deku scrubs, and Majora’s Mask features them in a new light that we have not seen before. I love how their culture is so inclusive of nature and has a great tribal feel to it. This can also be felt when you enter the Deku Palace and hear the main theme.

Hylian Ensemble has created a wonderful cover of this memorable theme. The instruments have been updated and sound more orchestral than the original soundtrack, which I think brings out the native sounds that were always intended for this kingdom. As the song goes on, it speeds up within each loop of the song and builds up the tension. It starts out slowly, paralleling Link first entering this strange new place. The pace picks up as the threat of guards impends. With all these dangers and the fate of the innocent monkey and the missing Deku Princess resting in your hands, the pressure gets to you, beating on your mind like a drum — faster and faster! At least, that’s how I interpret this piece.

For me, this song is an iconic Majora’s Mask tune. It really adds to the mysterious tone of the swamp and the pressure of sneaking into the palace. Before I had the chance to play this game on my own, I would watch my friend play, and I was immediately enthralled with this group of creatures, and I feel like the music wrapped it all up and pulled everything together. I would really love to hear it again in the future — perhaps alongside a new incarnation of the Deku tribe, just as the Dragon Roost Isle theme has been revived alongside the latest embodiment of the Rito. Until then, I will be listening to Hylian Ensemble’s cover, remembering my experiences and getting lost in the song of the Deku Palace.

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