The Legend of Zelda was my first step into the fantasy genre, in which I am now totally enthralled with. The mythical theming is one of the many things I enjoy about the franchise, and DeviantArt user Cameli36 does a great job of bringing out that fantasy element in his artwork of Link.

The thing that stands out to me most in this piece is the garments that Link wears. I get such a Lord of the Rings vibe from it, and I love it. It still remains loyal to the original source by keeping key features such as the hat, color, and tunic length, but also adds new details including the split in the tunic, the hanging satchel, and stitching along the sleeves. To be honest, I would love to see a design like this in future Zelda games. It’s also wonderful that you can tell this is the Ocarina of Time incarnate by details (other than Navi floating behind him); the part in Link’s hair and the style of the collar are clear cut signs of the Hero of Time. Even his stance is one you’d find in any epic fantasy, with the readied bow and a look of determination. An adventure is afoot!


Besides our hero, the piece also has a gorgeous background. The scattered Gossip Stones all face towards Link, as though they are yearning to tell him their secrets. The tiny particles of light add a reminiscent tone of the Lost Woods, and create a mythical feel even further. Placing Link in the forest was a brilliant decision to emulate all these thoughts and emotion.

Truly a unique and beautiful piece to look at. Thank you Cameli36 for sharing your work!

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