When I saw a Lynel in Breath of the Wild for the first time, having not known they were in the game, I was fascinated. I wanted to see how this classic enemy had evolved for the newest game, and armed with only five hearts and some weak weapons I ventured closer. Cool! I remember thinking. They put Lynels in the game! 

Then I got too close, and it stopped being cool and started being terrifying.

Less than a minute later I was desperately seeking high ground — yelling at Link to move his butt faster all the while — and I spent the next five minutes picking away at the ferocious Lynel’s HP with arrows until I realized it was futile, and I gave up. I didn’t take down a Lynel until later when I had upgraded my Stasis Rune and prepped lots of weapons and healing items.

For braver players Lynels have become a favorite challenge in Breath of the Wild. Various methods have been used for the fights, but DeliciousTea Gaming went for minimalism in their battle. They used a magnetic rock… and nothing else. Weapons and clothes are removed, and all healing items are hilariously blasted away prior to the fight. Only a shield is used to block the occasional attack, but the fancy footwork in the video below keeps that to a minimum as well. Oh, and Link has only three hearts making it even more impressive.

Videos like these — along with the various 45-minute speedruns — are encouraging me to be more creative as I work my way through Breath of the Wild for the second time. I’ve already found myself trying several Shrine skips and looking for alternate ways to take down a group of enemies. Have videos like this influenced your gameplay style at all? If so, share your unconventional feats with us!

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