“My name’s Ralph, and I’m a bad guy.” In 2012, Disney produced and released Wreck-It Ralph, a computer animated comedy which followed the lives of gaming characters outside of their own gaming environments. The movie focused on Wreck-It Ralph, a villain from the fictional game Fix-It Felix Jr., who feels isolated by the other game characters because he’s the antagonist. During Wreck-It Ralph’s journey, he befriends Vanellope Von Schweetz, a racer in Sugar Rush, who sadly is glitchy and therefore seen by the other racers as unready to participate. This endearing story touched many people and led to big success for Wreck-It Ralph. Unsurprisingly, Disney are looking to recapture this with the announcement of a sequel.

During CinemaCon 2017, the Disney panel announced that the sequel would be named: Ralph breaks the internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. While details for the upcoming family feature are still scarce, Disney did display a brand new picture from the upcoming release, which you can see above. It seems that Wreck-It Ralph may be following the progression of the gaming industry from arcade machines to internet gaming.

Excitingly for all Nintendo fans, Mario is apparently being considered for a supporting role in the movie. This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise as the character of Wreck-It Ralph seems to be based on Donkey Kong, and Fix-It Felix based on Mario. From the footage of the game, in the movie, Fix-It Felix moves around very similar types of levels fixing buildings which Wreck-It Ralph has been smashing. The game’s design feels very familiar to the original Donkey Kong (released in 1981) when a then unnamed character dressed in red runs and jumps his way up the ramps towards the ominous Donkey Kong. Hopefully the inclusion of Mario could also lead to interactions with other Nintendo-related characters such as Bowser, and to a lesser extent Sonic. There could even be a Mario Kart reference as there are certainly enough cameos from some of gaming’s biggest stars, and Vanellope showed how great of a racer she was near the end of Wreck-It Ralph. 

Whether you’re a long time gamer or the Nintendo Switch is your first console, you’ll certainly be able to spot many game references in Wreck-It Ralph, and the sequel will hopefully be no different! 2018 could see some of Nintendo’s biggest stars make the transition to the big screen with Ralph breaks the internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. Perhaps the huge success of Breath of the Wild could even inspire Disney to include some Zelda related themes or characters. Let’s hope Nintendo can follow this exciting news with some announcements at E3 for Nintendo’s “big plans” for this year and 2018.

  • GreenLinkMaster

    sonic and bowser were already in the 1st wreck-it-ralph. I think there may have been a Mario reference in there somewhere as well, but no appearance of the character. and as you mentioned, fix-it-felix and donkey kong, are very similar games with similar characters. having felix and Mario side-by-side would be like one of them walking around with a mirror beside them throughout the movie.
    also I don’t see what role Zelda character would have in the movie unless this movie does quick looks at TONS of different games and a bit of Zelda happens to be in there.
    but hay a 2nd movie sounds cool and I look forward to it. and who knows? maybe there will be some Zelda in there, and it will get Nintendo looking at the big screen again rather than hand-held ones 😛 but perhaps they already are?

    • Travis Nosal

      mario didn’t actually appear in the film, but he was mentioned.