If Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, then the Legend of Zelda title theme was the song that launched a thousand quests.

The videogaming world was never the same following the publication of Nintendo’s first foray into Hyrule back in 1986 — the medium, let alone the franchise, has come on leaps-and-bounds since then, reaching the mind-boggling heights of modern gaming.  And yet so many years later, that opening melody remains a staple of a gaming series beloved the world over; recognisable immediately and infectiously catchy — you can’t help but hum along as you hear it, no matter where you are.

Swedish guitar teacher, Jonas Lefvert, has laid down this wonderful classical guitar cover of that very theme song, breathing an even greater sense of adventure into a song that has come to embody the sense of adventure itself.  From the moment he strikes the eerie opening stanza and plays the now so memorable riff, the entire song conjures up imagery of magic, danger and exploration.  The double-picked gallop of the melody inspires thoughts of roaming the foothills of Hyrule; the sun setting over Link’s shoulder with a great undertaking ahead of him. With the warm, round sound of the guitar, there’s almost a noble, valiant undertone — as if to tell us that this hero cannot be stopped by any evil, great or small.

And so I leave you with the music, dear readers — listen on and know that what you’re hearing is not only the beginning of an adventure, but the beginning of the adventure.