Jammy likes to cook, and over on his YouTube channel he’s been taking inspiration from Breath of the Wild’s many recipes; bringing them to life and sharing how you, too, can enjoy some of Link’s favorite dishes. The latest and last (for now) Breath of the Wild dish is a take on some Fried Mighty Bananas.

Maybe that sounds unappetizing to you. I’m certainly hesitant about eating a fried banana, but Jammy makes it look easy and delicious in his short video below. There’s no twenty-strong list of ingredients here, or hours of wrist-straining prep. Just some simple fried bananas and a side of ice cream.

Jammy has a playlist of Breath of the Wild recipes waiting to be tried, and this would make a nice dessert to round out an evening of Wild Spicy Pepper Steak, or Goron Spice Curry. If bananas aren’t your thing, however, he also has an appealing Monster Cake recipe.

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