Those Guardians in Breath of the Wild are fearsome beasts. Well, fearsome magical robot monsters to be more precise. Anyway, I’m still at a point where I’m stealthing past any I come across whilst traversing Hyrule, but xXAuntJemimaXx over on imgur has found a way of bringing the wily swines down a peg or two, by making them hold up the Switch during gameplay sessions.

Earlier we posted a fan-made model of the Guardian being used as a Switch holder, but for those of you without a 3D printer, it turns out that the amiibo figure appears to work just as well.

Using the Guardian amiibo’s articulated arms, it’s possible to pose it in such a way that allows you to prop up your Switch in tabletop mode whilst you set about taking down Calamity Ganon. It’s probably not the most secure way of playing, but it’s certainly one of the cooler ones, and there’s even space to reach the Switch’s charge slot at the bottom!