For those of us that picked up Breath of the Wild for Switch, we’re familiar with the numerous control schemes on offer. There’s using the JoyCon grip that comes bundled in with the system, the excellent Pro controller that I’ve been using without exception thus far, or if you prefer the Koizumi Lounge Position™, there’s the separated JoyCon option.

Players of the Wii U version though, are largely limited to the gamepad or Pro controller. This is despite what the box may indicate. Eagle-eyed redditors have spotted that the case for the Wii U option lists numerous compatible control schemes, including Wii-mote and nunchuck, a Wii Classic controller, and even a single Wii-mote on it’s own!

There’s clearly been some sort of balls up somewhere along the line, as none of these options are actually compatible with the game. There’s no clickable sticks for a start, so Link would be out of luck if he fancied stealthing up on a Bokoblin camp for example.

Whoever was in charge of the sleeve design was clearly too excited by the awesome artwork on the front to pay attention to what they should and shouldn’t be adding on the back!

  • Issus

    Funny, since its not like that on the EU version at all.

  • Adrian Brown

    I’d be nice to see if that applies to just the first run of copies, or if all of them have that misprint, since in some years those may cost even more in collector’s eyes.

    • Brandon Scott

      I highly doubt it….. You could just print off your own ‘misprinted’ cover and slide it under the plastic. These aren’t steelbooks. You CAN change the art.

      • Adrian Brown

        That’s a good point, but if collectors can spot between original and printed labels in cartdridges they may be able to do so with covers as well.

  • Carlos Mendoza

    reminds me of the time when Capcom misspelled “Revelations” as “Revelaitons” and the time they misspelled their own name. i actually like mistakes like these and instead of getting upset we should just lol and keep them as reminders because even they can make mistakes, funny ones at that.

  • Twilight Princess for the Wii had a magic bar in one of the screenshots on the case. I’m not sure if it was also known the GameCube version.

  • Joshua Moulinie

    It’s got to be either a one-off bad print, or maybe a North American thing?
    I have the PAL version for Wii-U in my hands and it says only the pro-controller and Gamepad are compatible.

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