Here’s the box art for the new Zelda game we’re currently going crazy about, Breath of the Wild. It features artwork we saw a while back, with Link aiming his bow.

Now don’t get me wrong, the art is pretty, but considering how amazing the game’s world looks, it seems a shame not to see a beautiful landscape on the cover. Oh well!


As you can see from the box art, Amiibo support is indeed confirmed for the game. We’ll have more on that very soon.

  • JJ Mason

    Not a big fan of the title or the box art :(. I would have gone with scenery too, and i would have called it something like “echoes of the wild”

  • Kaoru Galan Himura

    Indeed, that beautiful and vast land of Hyrule, and by the name itself, should be portraited in the box. Nut still, the game look such amazing!

  • Ryan

    the art is ok but there are still months before the game is released, it could change.

  • Chris

    It’s It’s just It’s just a working boxart it probably won’t be the final version Nintendo tends to do this a lot it’s just for early marketing

  • Chuko Mukoro-Okpodu

    Box art is boring. But hopefully it would be the same case with Star Fox Zero. Cause the first one box art we saw was terrible, then they came after a couple months with a different box art.

  • Andrew Defty

    Love the title, but if indeed this is the box art… Well I guess I could live with it.
    They may change it as the time approaches to release (Been done before) and show more of the lovely game world. Maybe with Link climbing like that pic released not long back.
    We shall see!

    • Agreed, there were lots of better options :c

  • Seems like Kid Icaurus when you take a quick look

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