With the excitement of Breath of the Wild‘s highly anticipated release tomorrow, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic as I opened my Nintendo 3DS case this morning and looked at my collection of Zelda games. Each game holds a special place in my heart, and I can remember where I was when I finished each one. Ocarina of Time stands out among them all as my most treasured game, as it was one of the first games that made me fall in love with the Zelda franchise. The vibrant pixels from my youth had been carried over to a portal console, which opened up a world of possibilities.

Being able to have Ocarina of Time on my Nintendo 3DS was thrilling because I could now go anywhere and explore Hyrule as the Hero of Time wherever I went.

Ocarina of Time makes me think about the times in my life when I didn’t feel strong or confident in myself. It reminds me of how I began to identify with Link’s character at a young age and look up to him as a courageous leader. Link didn’t fear anything, and he dashed his doubts aside to embark on an unforgettable journey. Link taught me that even when you’re young, you can still defy the negative energy in your life and rise above it. I also learned to be strong and resilient; fierce yet kind; bold yet cautious. I looked up to Link as a role model, and learned how to be confident about myself even when all the odds are against me.

Link taught me how to be strong and resilient; fierce yet kind; bold yet cautious.

Ocarina of Time will always be one of my favorite Zelda titles, and I cannot wait to see what adventures Breath of the Wild will hold. Following Link’s story over the years has been such a joy, and I know this newest installment will be one of the most exciting adventures yet. So onwards to the next journey!