UK-based EDGE Magazine — arguably one of the highest-rated video game magazines in the world — has given Breath of the Wild a perfect 10/10 score, according to numerous sources. It is only the 19th game in the magazine’s history to earn this score, and the third Legend of Zelda game. (The previous two being Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword.)

The actual review isn’t allowed to be published until March 2 (due to embargo reasons), so it will be a bit less than a week from now before we can read why EDGE has granted this score. But given the glowing previews Breath of the Wild has received in the past two days, it’s not hard to guess this is a game that will be remembered.

We have only six days until Breath of the Wild is in gamers’ hands, and five days before reviews start to drop. March 3 almost here!

  • Jonny Their summary. Genuine question though. How did they get it so early if other outlets have only had it a few days?

  • JJ Mason

    I would take their review with a grain of salt, any magazine that gave Skyward Sword a perfect score clearly needs to have better reviewers.

    • Mojoz

      It’s not like Skyward Sword was a bad game, sure it’s not a 10, but jeez, it’s not like they gave Resident Evil 6 a 10 or something.

    • Gestrid

      Keep in mind that they have only given 19 perfect scores (including this one) in their 23 years of publication. That’s less than one per year!

    • Angel Luis Mercado

      Edge magazine is known to be stingy with review scores tho.

    • MajoraMan28

      Skyward Sword was the best Zelda game since Ocarina of Time, from many critics’ point of view. I tend to agree with that sentiment. The game was the first to have the balls to change the Zelda formula established since OoT. And tbh, its characters, soundtrack, and plot were even better executed in SS than OoT, imho.
      I think the magazine deserves its credit.

      • JJ Mason

        I agree that they really broke the mould with SS. The open dungeons were a clever idea and you can really see they expanded on that in BoTW. When i realised there was a crafting system i was so happy too, even if it was a basic one. Also the chance to finally fly in a Zelda game was brilliant. My problem with SS is that yes, we got to fly, but in basically empty world (especially the part in the storm) and the game seemed to have more bugs. It just felt like it was rushed, it could have been spectacular but ended up being just ok. Also, being told what a drop item is every…single…time was wince-inducing lol.

        • MajoraMan28

          Honestly, I didn’t think the game felt rushed.
          The empty world can be said about almost every 3D Zelda overworld.
          The explorable areas, while small in number, were the most dense in any Zelda game.
          And funny you say that about bugs. It’s actually the one with the least ammount of glitches (search on YT for Zelda glitches). The only bug I can think of was the one that got patched (the Thunder Dragon that halts the game’s progress). The title screen menu exploit is also a famous one, but one that is awesome for speedruns.

          Yes, the item explanation thing sucks, but it took only 5 seconds to get over it. To me it didn’t break my experience, tbh

    • Bobby Palacios

      I’m really tired of all the Skyward Sword hate. I played it a few years after it came out because I just didn’t find the Wii itself too appealing. I bought it and played it on the WII U, and I just could not understand the negativity the game had. The motion controls worked great with only your typical “recalibration” moments that most motion control games had but it was NOT distracting from the game at all. It had a slow start, but honestly it was not as boring ad Twilight Princess’ intro. I think Skyward Sword is probably the best 3D Zelda since the N64 games.

    • mulebox

      I loved Skyward! It was better than TWP and on par with WW IMO. Definitely better than Majora’s too.