Good news everyone! Zelda Universe has officially opened up a Twitch channel! From now on, whenever we stream, be it marathons or other streaming events, it’ll be done on ZeldaUniverseTV, so go follow it! We already have an event planned, our very first ZUThon, in which we will be playing Breath of the Wild for 48 hours straight the weekend it releases!

Details regarding ZUThon have been explained fully on another post, but we’d like to remind you that ZUThon will be helping Direct Relief, a charity organization that helps people affected by poverty with the necessary medical and other emergency resources so that they can be healthy. The marathon begins Friday, March 3rd at 6pm EST and goes 48 hours until Sunday, March 5th at 6pm EST.

Everyone, be excited! Be sure to follow our Twitch channel so that you can be a part of all the future amazing events Zelda Universe has planned for you all!

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