I’ve spent the past few years turning my Majora’s Mask edition of the New 3DS into somewhat of a Zelda tribute device. Every Virtual Console game has been downloaded, alongside digital versions of Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora’s Mask 3D as well. The cartridge slot is often occupied by the superlative A Link Between Worlds.

This software is of course supplemented by a selection of Zelda badges, acquired by giving that damn rabbit far too much money in Badge Arcade, and by having each and every Zelda theme on shuffle. Now, with the imminent release of Breath of the Wild, Nintendo have given us two more themes based on the upcoming Switch and Wii U title with which to adorn our handhelds.

One theme features the art that adorns the North American box with Hyrule’s ambient music in the background, whilst the other features concept art of Link, Zelda, and the Guardian, Breath of the Wild’s main theme providing the soundtrack. Gamexplain has compiled each of the two theme’s showcase videos into one, which you can check out below.

Less than two weeks to go people, perhaps these themes will help take the edge off for the time being!