UPDATE: The submission period has ended. Winners of the art prints will be announced around February 27.

Send us your videos about The Legend of Zelda, and you’ll be entered into the running for some stellar 30th anniversary art prints from Nintendo.

The 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda comes to an end in just over a week. And so with that, Triforce Tributes, our final celebration of Zelda‘s 30 years, must come to a close. But not before we celebrate for one final week. For this final week, we want to see you make your own Zelda video. And this is your time to let your creativity shine because this week is very open-ended! Do you like to act? Create a Zelda skit and perform it, or show us something you recorded on VHS 20 years ago. Perhaps you like to be on the other side of the camera as either a cameraman or a director; that’s totally fine too. Perhaps this is just your opportunity to sit in front of your phone’s camera in order to thank Miyamoto-san and Aonuma-san for what Zelda means to you. (We know they are probably following along!) Go crazy, and don’t feel bound to think inside the box.

There are a few rules we’d like you to follow before you upload your video:

  • Your video should be three minutes or less in length. This isn’t a hard limit, so it’s fine if your video goes a little over. However, because we may receive a lot of submissions, we can only guarantee that we’ll watch the first three minutes.
  • Your video will need to be uploaded to YouTube and must comply with YouTube’s content guidelines.
  • Your video should be, at least in some way, your own work. It doesn’t matter if you filmed it, directed it, starred in it, or had a combination of roles. Please include the words “Submitted to Triforce Tributes” in the video description before you submit it to prove it’s yours. (You can remove it after the winners have been chosen.)

As this is a celebration and not a competition, this isn’t just about picking the best or most high-quality videos out there. This contest is open to all ages, all skill levels, and all countries in the world. So long as we can see your passion for the Zelda series in your video, that qualifies you as a true fan worthy of winning.

In order to enter, submit your photo using the widget below or via our Gleam website. You can view all of the videos submitted in this gallery.

Triforce Tributes: Zelda Videos

After this week has ended, we’ll look over all the entries and choose ten of our favorites. Those winners will receive a set of three 30th anniversary art prints featuring some classic Legend of Zelda artwork from the set below. Entry will be open for one week and is open worldwide.

Tomorrow, we’ll be announcing the winners for our Zelda music week, so check in tomorrow to listen to some absolutely fantastic songs that will touch your hearts. Next week, we’ll announce the winners of last week’s crafts and cosplay week, and then we’ll announce the winning Zelda videos the week thereafter, right before Breath of the Wild and the Nintendo Switch launch.

May the Triforce be with you!