Nintendo has released several Breath of the Wild trailers over the past few months, and there’s no shortage of devoted fans recreating the scenes and music via older games or unique methods. But Great-Bit Arcade may have everyone beat with their trailer, recreated using clips from the Legend of Zelda animated series.

If you’ve never heard of the old Zelda cartoon series you’re either a new Zelda fan, or very lucky. Despite it’s less-than-canon approach to the source material, the cartoon has gained cult status within the fan community. It seems odd to think its goofiness would pair well with the lovely music from Breath of the Wild, but amazingly the recreation isn’t terrible. Great-Bit Arcade does its best with what the cartoon has to offer, and while the trailer gets off to a bit of a slow start the scenes soon come together surprisingly well. It almost makes me wish the cartoon was still airing. Almost.

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