Obligatory spoiler warning: This article answers several big questions regarding the January trailer of Breath of the Wild. If you’re sensitive spoilers, you should skip this post. Maybe go watch some cute cats.

In this month’s issue of Famitsu magazine, an article reveals the names of several of the characters that appeared in the January trailer for Breath of the Wild, and this will send timeline enthusiasts into a tizzy. According to the magazine, Nintendo has officially confirmed that the bird race that is seen within the trailer is none other than the Rito straight from The Wind Waker. The obvious curiosity, of course, is that the bird race from the trailer looks very little like their Wind Waker counterparts. Whether or not this represents some sort of evolution of the Rito since (or before) The Wind Waker or this is yet another artistic license from Nintendo in redesigning their characters is, of course, up in the air.


This also brings up some very interesting timeline implications. Breath of the Wild is now known to feature Koroks and Rito, two races that up until now have been exclusive to The Wind Waker. This could very well mean that Breath of the Wild takes place in the Adult Timeline somewhere. The fact that Gorons exist in both games is also potential evidence as well.

However, on the flip side of the argument, Breath of the Wild also includes the Zora race, a race that was absent from The Wind Waker. This could indicate that Breath of the Wild takes place before The WInd Waker; however, this then introduces something of a scheduling conflict given that The Wind Waker takes place 100 years after Ocarina of Time, and the backstory of Breath of the Wild spans 100 years of time. Furthermore, this also begs the question of why a hero never appeared in The Wind Waker‘s backstory.

Or maybe, just maybe, Nintendo is dragging references from one timeline into another. It really is anyone’s guess.

Famitsu‘s article actually reveals a bit more, providing names to some of the characters shown in the trailers. Mifa is the Zora girl from the trailer who seems to have a special ability no other Zora has; she also is seen holding a spear, and this could be the key to her power. The Goron from the trailer is a warrior named Darkel (literally “Darukeru”), a normally calm Goron who becomes emboldened whenever entering battles. And finally, the Rito warrior is named Reebal (literally “Riibaru”). All three of these characters seem to be wearing a similar-looking blue scarf that could be a key to unlocking the secrets of Breath of the Wild.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer.mp4_snapshot_03.02_[2017.02.04_23.40.09]

Last but not least, Famitsu reveals a few details about Zelda herself. She indeed was (is?) the princess of the destroyed Hyrule kingdom, and her mission is to investigate the ancient ruins of the modern world. Wise and curious but also complex, Zelda seems to be taking the most active role in the franchise thus far. Famitsu can’t help but wonder if she’ll actively participate in battles.

Breath of the Wild comes out March 3 on both Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

  • Hector Maru Covarrubias

    Ritos can migrate, and colonize areas beyond The Great Sea.
    Zoras didn’t survive the great sea but only in that of the Wind Waker. Zoras could be living in pure and pristine lake waters or grottos in high enough distant mountains and remain there for centuries, away from the salt water. Until the flood cleared out by unknown means up to what we know.

  • dragon

    if you look at the windwaker cinematic, there are some gaps in there,
    initially the hero didn’t show up and the people drew nigh, they left
    their future in the hands of fate. now we always assumed that this meant
    that it was the moment of the flooding, which resulting in the
    landscape of the windwaker, but what if in between the hero did show up
    at that time, but after something still happened and the land was
    flooded? again in the opening cinematic of the windwaker there is a HUGE
    gap in there, which could fit the breath of the wild story in it

  • Luden

    You’ve got something wrong tho, Wind Waker is set >>hundreds<< of years after Ocarina of Time, and not one hundred years, so there is enough time for Breath of The Wild to take place.

  • Henrique Tavares

    So far I’m sticking to my idea that this game is gonna do the opposite Ocarina did. That is, it’s going to bring them all together again.

    And even if that’s not the case, I still think that this would be the perfect solution to mend some of the mess, if they’re ever interested in cleaning things up.

  • Dan0709

    Still waiting for Nintendo to release a high-res picture of that artwork of Reebal…