When Breath of the Wild‘s first trailer was released at E3 2016, it didn’t take Sauraen long to recreate the memorable trailer shot-for-shot within Ocarina of Time. Now with the newest trailer still fresh in our minds, he’s already recreated the music to wonderful effect using Ocarina’s far more limited range.

In the video below Sauraen recreates that retro feeling of the soundtrack by framing the new trailer in an old Zenith CRT TV — complete with the bane of daytime gamers: a sunny glare. It’s an amusing touch to this labor of love. After the trailer, Sauraen goes into great detail about how he creates the soundtracks he’s worked on, and why he opts to use the older software. It all reminds me of how the scientists in Jurassic Park brought dinosaurs back to life; breaking down the code and building it back up again; creating something that’s simultaneously new and old. (But fortunately, this music isn’t armed with sharp teeth and claws!)

Check out the video for the music and the neat behind-the-scenes info, and if you like Sauraen’s work be sure to support him on his YouTube page with Likes and subscriptions!