There are countless theories surrounding Breath of the Wild’s place in the overall Zelda lore — namely, the much-contended timeline. Is the Great Plateau the ruins of Castle Town? Is the Master Sword the very one from A Link to the Past? Could this be the remains of Hyrule after the Great Flood receded?

Whatever your views or theories, it’s obvious there’s at least one connection between Breath of the Wild and the equally ambitious — for its time — Ocarina of Time. Sauraen on YouTube appears to have seen the same connection, and they took it upon themselves to recreate Breath of the Wild’s trailer using the far more limited environments and assets of Ocarina of Time for the N64. Clever camera manipulation adds the majesty of the new trailer to Ocarina’s dated graphics as they’re matched together shot for shot. Even the music has that retro touch.

Watch the first video below and see if you can recall what scenes are being depicted in Sauraen’s trailer. If you need help remembering, or want to see just how well they match up, check out the second video that compares the two. Be sure to give Sauraen’s efforts a Like as well!

  • draug419

    Not gonna lie, this gave me the same chills as when I watched the trailer during E3.

  • Ryan

    This is really well made. I would preferred the 3DS but I understand why the N64 rom was used. It makes me believe that Breath of the Wild will be set between Ocarina of Time and Link to the Past even more. The locations are very similar.

  • Jack Longman


  • Ryan Haney

    That was some clever splicing. ??

  • Nathan Pandora

    I love how they timed the arrow shots
    and the boulder and the explosions
    and everything
    a lot of work went into this and it was great

  • Scottie McLaughlin

    This is masterfull!

  • Russ

    The Temple of Time(s?) are VERY similar. So…….. what does this mean? :))))))))))))))))

  • Gerardo Lourdes

    Really well made! I loled when link jumped with the cucco.