UPDATE: The submission period has ended. Winners of the art prints will be announced around February 14.

There aren’t that many weeks remaining in The Legend of Zelda’s 30th anniversary, and so we’re making the most of them by asking you, the loyal Zelda fans, to share your love for the series. The last three weeks have looked at very different aspects of the fandom. First, we looked at Zelda collections, then we turned to fan art, and last week we asked you to write up your treasured Zelda memories. This week is very different: Instead of something visual or written, we want to hear something from you. We want to hear some of your Zelda music.

There are a variety of ways to contribute to this week’s theme. Did Ocarina of Time inspire you to learn how to play the ocarina? Or maybe you bought a Zelda songbook so you could learn to play Zelda music on your piano. Did you ever write a song about the Zelda series and then sing it to yourself in the shower? Perhaps you’re more of a composer, and you’ve made some remixes (or even some MIDI files!) in an attempt to get them immortalized on OverClocked Remix. Even if your performance isn’t pitch-perfect or if you’re beginning your journey to being a professional, it doesn’t matter. For this week’s celebration, we only want to see your raw passion for Zelda. So long as we can see (or rather, hear) that you poured your heart and soul into your work, that’s all you need to enter and maybe win a prize.

In order to enter, you’ll need to have your audio (or video) uploaded either to YouTube or SoundCloud. Submissions will be open for one week from Monday Australian Eastern daylight time. You can either send us your entries via the widget below or on our Gleam website.

Triforce Tributes: Zelda Music

There will be ten winners chosen for this week from our favorites. These winners will receive a set of three random selections out of these nine 30th anniversary art prints that have been kindly given to us by Nintendo Australia. Entry is open worldwide.

Tomorrow we’ll announce the winners from our fan art week of Triforce Tributes, so be sure to look out for our announcement to see if you’ve won! Next week, we’ll announce the winners of last week’s Zelda memories. And to cap it all off, if music isn’t your thing, we’ve still got two more weeks of our 30th anniversary celebration to go; you can find out what’s still to come in the upcoming weeks in our Triforce Tributes announcement post.

May the Triforce be with you!