When you’re in a cosplay, the last thing you want is for someone to call you a different character than the one you’re dressed as. It’s embarrassing and it’s disappointing, but sometimes there are exceptions to this. This happened to me one time when I was dressed as Link.

It was international cosplay day back in the summer of 2014 and I was cosplaying as Link from the original Legend of Zelda game for the NES. I had a great time at the actual event in Central Park, but soon it was time to head home. My friend and I headed to the subway to hitch a train ride back to Penn Station, but before that, I had to pack away all my props. I had brought all wooden props with me — A bow, a sword, and a boomerang — and a shield made of foam which would have got into a lot of people’s way, so I packed them all in a white trash bag to compact them all together.

I wound up carrying the bag over my shoulder and walked onto the subway. I couldn’t help to notice a little boy staring at me. I figured he had probably played a Zelda game or two, or maybe he just liked the bright green color of my tunic. His mom soon noticed me afterward and I’ll always remember what she said;

“Look, an elf! You see? Santa’s got his helpers out all year round, so you have to be good!”

Normally, I get a sinking feeling when someone recognizes my cosplay as something it’s not, but with a response like that, how could you possibly get mad? I mean, hey, it could have been worse. She could have called me Zelda. Laughing along, I nodded and gave them a thumbs up. My friend also couldn’t help but laugh, especially she wasn’t recognized too much in her cosplay that day. I guess that’s fair to laugh!

I got off the train, my bag of “toys” over my shoulder again, and I waved to them as I left. It’s something I’ll never forget, and I hope it’s something that boy never forgets either. I hope it was something fun for him to remember when he’s feeling sad or upset. Who knows, maybe he’ll remember it while playing The Legend of Zelda.

Classic Legend of Zelda


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