In an interview with Eurogamer, Eiji Aonuma addressed “how Princess Zelda is portrayed in the trailer” for Breath of the Wild and how it relates — or doesn’t relate — to the actual game.

Aonuma stressed that “the scene of her crying in the trailer is just one scene from the game — within the trailer itself it forms a dramatic high point, but that shouldn’t be taken too much out of context.

“Princess Zelda as she appears in the game as a whole is very complex and multi-faceted, and it’s not as if she’s crying all the time in the game [laughs], so I would ask fans not to read too much into just that one scene from the trailer, and to please play the game and appreciate Zelda as she is in all her aspects.”

So don’t expect Princess Zelda to necessarily be a weak character just because of her momentary tears. Regardless, her depiction and behaviour will likely be scrutinized by fans. Asking audiences not to jump to conclusions about a character in a beloved Japanese property hearkens back to Metal Gear Solid V, when Hideo Kojima said that people “will feel ashamed of your words and deeds” when they see the character Quiet in context. But whatever happens, it is unlikely that Breath of the Wild will court the same controversy.

Aonuma then went on to address the possibility of a female Link. After some controversy about Link’s gender when the game was first revealed, he said that “we did discuss in the team about whether or not we should have a female protagonist. I spoke to Mr Miyamoto about it and the whole team talked about it, but in the end, it just didn’t happen.”

After referring to the playable women in Hyrule Warriors, Aonuma said: “looking to the future, talking about the possibility of having a playable female protagonist, I’d say yes, it’s a possibility.”

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  • Valwin Mediaz

    If is going to happen it wont be Link the best bet now is Zelda or some new person

  • Valwin Mediaz

    If is going to happen it wont be Link the best bet now is Zelda or some new person.

    Also people should stop asking them and wasting questions on this lame issue

    The day you get him to say Female link is a possibility the issues dies but they never do. that because the idea is so dumb the dont even think about it.

    This is not even new he answered the same way back in E3 2016

    But i do like seen people twisting what he say in the interview

    • Rutana

      There’s a possibility that we might get to choose between male or female protagonist. Since we (usually) can name Link however we want, this wouldn’t make a difference within the game, and only to the player.
      Link is a made-up name after all, so Link could very well be female, seeing how he’s reincarnating (in contrary to Zelda, who always is a female descendent, and Ganon, who still is the same person(s))

      • Valwin Mediaz

        No sorry first the drop the naming thing in this game proving that he is a character

        Reading what he say back in E3 2016 that was pretty much this they are moving towards a sole female for a future game and thats zelda

        The whole Link can be a girl is pretty much dead at this point

        Link is always a guy just like Zelda is always a girl

        Note how he points to HW and how they did it they did not turn Link into a girl to archive it

        So No Link can not or should be Female Link as a Name is now Solid as Zelda calls HIM that

        Chaning this is a can of worms that opens Male Samus

        Love seen people twisting what he say to try to revive the now dead female Link Thing

        Get him to say Female Link and we can talk

        • Rutana

          First of all, don’t get me wrong: I don’t want a female Link either 🙂 Nor do I want a Main Title which features another female lead besides Link (not even Zelda herself, even though she’s my most favorite character of all – it wouldn’t fit to put her in Link’s shoes, which would make it a Spin-Off, not a Main Title)
          I’m just talking about whether it would be possible or not from an objective standpoint.

          This said, you’re right, Link name falls in the voice over. It’s actually something I haven’t considered writing the comment above.
          Which would exclude the old tradition of entering another name (unless they’d drop voice acting or find a way around it…)

          However, I wouldn’t just go ahead and say “Link is always a guy”, because a female Link could still be very easily explained – but not so much a male Zelda.
          As I mentioned above, all three main characters have a different way of reappearing in the different games.
          Zelda is always a descendant of the previous Zelda. That’s why she’s always a princess. Reincarnation wouldn’t enforce that (though it’s still a possibility). It’s said that in the “The Hero fails” Timeline, that there was a naming convention for all Princesses to be named Zelda – it’s to assume that it was tradition to name at least some of the girls in the royal Hyrule line Zelda – just as it is in our world. So the Triforce of Wisdom transfers down in the royal family.
          Ganondorf is still the same he always was. He never really died. He’s always either freeing himself, or being resurrected – or both. The Triforce of Power such never left him.
          Lastly, we have Link. And it’s very clear that Link is NOT a descendant of the previous Link. The biggest proof is Twilight Princess, where the Hero’s Shade is confirmed to be the Link of OoT/MM, and he laments that he had no one to teach his knowledge – would he had have kids, he could, so it’s implying that he died without kids, maybe never returning from Termina after all. Thus, Link from Twilight Princess can’t be his descendant.
          It’s also implied in other Zelda games. Wind Waker Link had no family ties to OoT Link – he couldn’t have, because OoT Link didn’t stayed in his Timeline.
          Likewise, Link’s death in OoT causes the “Hero Fails” Timeline, meaning that he can’t be the ancestor of any Link in said Timeline – again reinforcing that there’s no family bond between them.
          Which means, that Link reincarnates, and the Triforce of Courage follows this reincarnations.
          This can ALSO be the reason for Zelda, that she has a tendency to be reincarnated in the same family line over and over again (maybe by choice, maybe thanks to the Triforce of Wisdom), but there’s still no possibility for a male Zelda – as it’s the female members of the royal family, who wear the name – not the male ones.
          Link however? He’s not technically bound to a gender, there’s no naming convention within a family, he could wear any name, as it was with previous Zelda titles, thus opening the possibility to have a female Link.

          Again, nothing I would wish for, but the possibility is there.

          Also, why would that mean that there could be a male Samus? o.O
          We don’t have several Samuses, we have ONE Samus Aran – the same protagonist is in every game, it’s the same person.

          • Valwin Mediaz

            Zelda Reincarnates too and she is always a girls as they say is the balance Link is a Boy Zelda is a Girl thas how it is

            is been 30 years is not happening Link is a icon a character.

            Your point have been debunk multiple times you should top watching avatar the last air bender.

            If they did not dare do it on a spinoff they are not going to do it on a main game

            Gender bending is the cheapest way to ruin a character.

            Link is always a guy due to the goddess

            I fail to see what wrong with playing as Zelda

            This is not Fallout 4 or Skyrim

  • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

    Female protagonist =/= female Link.
    F**K THAT.

  • heroofmasks

    id rather see a side game with a femal protage we dont need to change links gender just to appease the people who demand it as for you can usually name link canon link is his true name im not opposed to being able to play as a female just dont ruin links character by making him a male female choice and if they do then you gotta make zelda a male and prince only fair

    • Valwin Mediaz

      Only fair if we gona ruins it lets ruin all

  • Terrenth

    In the recent Treehouse presentation, Aonuma talked about the amibo for the game, placing Zelda and Link side by side, he clearly pointed the fact that Zelda and link have the same kind of tunic and that Zelda is holding a Sheika slate. So, Zelda has an active role for sure. Now, I just wonder if he was hinting that she would be a playable character at some point in the game…
    On a character design topic, I guess I’m not the only one to see some resemblance between BotW Zelda and Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys in Game of Thrones ?