In an interview with Eurogamer, Eiji Aonuma addressed “how Princess Zelda is portrayed in the trailer” for Breath of the Wild and how it relates — or doesn’t relate — to the actual game.

Aonuma stressed that “the scene of her crying in the trailer is just one scene from the game — within the trailer itself it forms a dramatic high point, but that shouldn’t be taken too much out of context.

“Princess Zelda as she appears in the game as a whole is very complex and multi-faceted, and it’s not as if she’s crying all the time in the game [laughs], so I would ask fans not to read too much into just that one scene from the trailer, and to please play the game and appreciate Zelda as she is in all her aspects.”

So don’t expect Princess Zelda to necessarily be a weak character just because of her momentary tears. Regardless, her depiction and behaviour will likely be scrutinized by fans. Asking audiences not to jump to conclusions about a character in a beloved Japanese property hearkens back to Metal Gear Solid V, when Hideo Kojima said that people “will feel ashamed of your words and deeds” when they see the character Quiet in context. But whatever happens, it is unlikely that Breath of the Wild will court the same controversy.

Aonuma then went on to address the possibility of a female Link. After some controversy about Link’s gender when the game was first revealed, he said that “we did discuss in the team about whether or not we should have a female protagonist. I spoke to Mr Miyamoto about it and the whole team talked about it, but in the end, it just didn’t happen.”

After referring to the playable women in Hyrule Warriors, Aonuma said: “looking to the future, talking about the possibility of having a playable female protagonist, I’d say yes, it’s a possibility.”

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