Much like the rest of the world, Japanese Nintendo fans are having some trouble locking in their Switch pre-orders. For several days when trying to access the online Nintendo shop, buyers instead found themselves treated to an error message accompanied by a simple illustration of a Godzilla-like creature wreaking havoc in Kyoto.

ninzilla switch

Inspired by the newest Godzilla movie, Shin Godzilla, fans have dubbed the creature “Nin Godzilla.” The chubby creature has become an overnight idol in Japan. Devoted fans have created everything from stitched art to Miiverse posts, and even a browser game.

It’s nice to see fans channeling their frustrations through artistic means rather than venomous words, and Nin Godzilla makes for a cute focal point. Perhaps it can team up with Nonspecific Action Figure in a future Nintendo game? One can dream.

nonspecific action figure


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