All throughout its promotion, Nintendo has been rather tight-lipped when it comes to the story details of Breath of the Wild. From removing nearly all of the NPCs in the 2016 E3 demo, to only releasing what could be called a story trailer less than two months from launch, fans have been given very little to riddle out regarding the game’s plot. However, using one of the goodies offered in both the Special Edition and the Master Edition of Breath of the Wild, YouTube user Zeltik has pieced together what appears to be what happened 100 years ago.


Please note: The following text may contain spoilers for Breath of the Wild.

Using the tapestry included in the limited editions, Zeltik translated the Sheikah text into Japanese and then into English as follows.

  • “Hylians pass stories of a destined time long past, where multiple races lived and worked together in harmony.”
  • “The Sheikah Tribe’s blue aura breathed through the land, and this mutual prosperity continued until a cataclysmic disaster struck.”
  • “The hero and the princess attempted in vain to seal the terror which became known as the Calamity Ganon.”
  • “Divine beasts awoke from four directions and deployed a mechanical army which made the king and his people fearful.”
  • “They fractured Ganon’s power and sealed him, but the Sheikah were banished from the land ever since.”

Where did the Sheikah go? Are the four beasts the animals also shown on the tapestry? This poetic account leaves many questions unanswered. Hopefully they will be answered when Breath of the Wild releases worldwide on March 3, 2017.

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