UPDATE: The submission period has ended. You can view all of the submitted collections in this gallery. Winners of the art prints will be announced approximately a week after January 15.

We’re kicking off the first week of Triforce Tributes, our special 30th anniversary fan celebration, by asking you to show off your Zelda collections.

The last 30 years have provided us with a lot of Zelda merchandise to enjoy, from special editions of games to statues to complete bedroom sets. Whether you have a small shelf in your bedroom dedicated to Zelda or you need a bigger house to make space for your ever-growing collection, we’d love for you to share your Legend of Zelda collection with the world this week by submitting an image below.

Triforce Tributes – Zelda Collections

Submissions must be made via our Gleam page so we can track them all in one place. You can view all of the collections submitted so far in this gallery.

Nintendo Australia is graciously supporting this celebration by offering a special reward for our favorite collections. Our 10 favorites will receive something to add to their collection: three gold-embossed Zelda art prints from the following iconic Zelda artwork:

This celebration is open worldwide, and it isn’t a traditional competition, so don’t assume that the biggest collections will be selected for all the rewards. This is a celebration of Zelda and what it means to be a Zelda fan.

Collecting not your thing? Don’t stress; over the coming weeks, we’ll be celebrating different aspects of Zelda fandom. Read the Triforce Tributes announcement post for an overview of the entire celebration. We hope you will still enjoy seeing what other fans have collected over the years, and, you never know, you may be inspired to start a collection of your own!

We plan to announce our favorite collections and the winners of the rewards in two weeks; however this may change depending upon the volume of submissions received.

May the Triforce be with you!