The Nintendo Switch presentation earlier this evening closed with a brand new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The trailer gives us a new look at many of the areas in the game, but the biggest new feature shown in the trailer is the addition of full voice acting for major characters.

Fans have long debated whether or not The Legend of Zelda should have voice acting. Some have taken the time to present evidence that the series should never have voice acting while others have presented evidence supporting its inclusion. For better or worse, the addition of voice acting is now a reality.


The new trailer gives us only a small taste of the voice acting, but it is more significant than the short phrases that we heard while playing the demo at E3 2016. Where we previously heard simple phrases like “open your eyes,” which some felt were no more significant than the “Hey!” and “Listen!” of previous Zelda games, we now hear pieces of conversation which have no doubt been cleverly edited to keep the game’s story a secret. In the brief glimpse at the voice acting, we hear an elderly female voice, an elderly male voice, a Goron, and what is assumed to be the voice of Zelda.

The inclusion of voice acting brings Breath of the Wild closer to the standard set by the rest of the industry and, as promised, continues to break with tradition. With the game’s release only six weeks away, it won’t be long before we know for sure how voice acting will affect the storytelling of the game.

  • Daniel Kristoffersen

    so link will be able to actually speak?

    • baruag

      That remains to be seen. But I would love to hear him speak.


      I don’t think so, since his breathing/humming voice is the same Japanese one in all regions. Wouldn’t make sense to use that and then all of a sudden switch to an English voice actor when he speaks (and it would be odd to have his Japanese actor speak English).

      I hope not, personally. With the growing breadth of the narrative in Zelda it seems like it’s pointless to keep him quiet for self-insert purposes.

      I actually hope they just make being quiet a personality trait of his. Growing up I thought his not speaking was charming, because I was always a really quiet person and I liked that he was too. It’s what drew me to him in the first place.

  • Catqueen25

    I hope we get to hear Link speak!

    • Scottie McCaslin

      • Catqueen25

        I watched the show growing up! That was Links catch phrase! I loved Zelda. She was no damsel in distress!

  • Wyatt Patterson

    He needs to stay silent. The reason he has no voice actor is because his original voice actor died during the development of OOT. So, to pay respect, they used the clips they had and left link silent.


      Both of his voice actors from Ocarina of Time (Fujiko Takimoto for young Link & Nobuyuki Hiyama for adult Link) are alive and well — both reprised their roles for Hyrule Warriors.

      They’ve also been replaced about 5-6 times since then, and all of those actors are alive too. The most recent actors are Akira Sasanuma (Twilight Princess, SSBB, SSB4), Yūki Kaji (Hyrule Warriors) and Takashi Ohara (Skyward Sword).

    • Daniel Ireland

      Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, bub.


    It’s not “presumably” Zelda’s voice, it definitely is. You can hear AND see her crying in one scene & it’s the same voice.

  • thatoneguy

    I wish they chose to have them speaking hylian rather than actual languages (IMO I think the cheesiness of the voice acting would be a little less cringey that way)…

  • R.J.

    Get your adverbs Link

  • Scottie McCaslin

  • Kratos

    from just the few snippets i’ve heard, i’m down with the introduction of character voices in LoZ. ask 100 people what links voice should sound like and you’ll get 100 different answers….so it doesn’t really matter to me…and since the games obviously gonna have the dialogue CC’d on screen for the the hearing impaired…hopefully they included an option to “silence” the actual voices that would allow players to just read whats being said instead of hearing the voice actors.

  • Ryan Haney

    I’m very happy about this! I’ve wanted someone to read the text boxes to me since A Link to the Past. Being dyslexic sucks. Also, we will know the pronunciation. ?

  • veeronic

    Link will be silent… and I will only be excited to hear Ganon speak if he retains his original voice actor.