The Legend of Zelda: Spirit tracks was released in December 2009 for the Nintendo DS. This was Link’s second outing on the Nintendo DS, and featured Link as an aspiring engineer, and is called upon by Princess Zelda for his graduation ceremony where he can finally receive his engineering certificate. In New Hyrule, the engineering certificate is necessary for anybody to be able to drive trains. Of course, things quickly go wrong soon after Link and Zelda meet, as is standard fare in a Legend of Zelda game, and Link has to use the train to help save the princess. During the game, Link meets the Lokomo, a tribe that protects the spirit tracks across Hyrule. There are seven Lokomo that Link meets in the game and I loved how their names are spelled phonetically and based on a train theme. They are Anjean (engine), Rael (rail), Carben (carbon), Embrose (embers), Byrne (burn), Gage (gauge), and Steem (steam). How fun.

Lokomo Spirit Tracks

While playing this game, I was reminded of my engineering classes at university. I loved how certain engineering themes were being used in the game. Nothing as complex as what I was learning, mind you. Seeing Link graduate in the game also reminded me of how I felt after I graduated. The whole world was open to me, but it felt very intimidating as the safety net of student life was gone. Link, the holder of the triforce of courage however, didn’t seem that phased and just got on with saving Princess Zelda. And he had hundreds of monsters to fight. I wish there was a class on that.

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