This past summer, the Triforce Quartet, a classically trained traditional string quartet who plays music from a variety of video games, released their second album Ultima Phantasia featuring music from Skyward Sword, Super Smash Bros., the Final Fantasy series and other popular titles.

The Triforce Quartet is performing at MAGFest this weekend, and if you are there, be sure to attend at least one of their shows. I had the pleasure of sitting front row at their concert at Ichibancon in Charlotte, N.C. over New Year’s weekend, and these guys blew me away. They performed music from both of their albums to an energetic crowd of gamers and anime fans. Being the Triforce Quartet, they of course had to include a Zelda tribute, so they played a stellar 12-minute-long Zelda medley. It even featured my two favorite Zelda songs, Clocktown and Gerudo Valley, back to back!

You can check out the video of their live performance at Ichibancon below, just ignore the squeals. I tend to get a little excited when it comes to Zelda.