We’re six days away from the Nintendo Switch Presentation, and one can’t swing a Master Sword without hitting a rumor about Breath of the Wild’s release date. Anticipation is running high for the game — which once boasted a Holiday 2015 release window — and fans are hanging their hopes on recent evidence that may indicate Link’s newest adventure will make the Switch launch.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of the rumor mill is this apparent CoroCoro scan that states Breath of the Wild will be a “spring” release, putting to bed worries that the game had been pushed back to June 2017. CoroCoro is well-known for their Pokémon exclusive reveals, but the magazine covers many other games and all of their information comes from official sources. A spring date could mean the game will release alongside the Switch.

corocoro breath of the wild release scan

Of course, falsified scans and screenshots are nothing new to any followers of rumors. Fortunately, there’s more evidence to be found. A pair of tweets by Laura Kate Dale and Emily Rogers — who have reported accurate Nintendo leaks in the past — have added fuel to the Switch fire. While in the past both women have voiced reports that Breath of the Wild would be a summer release, they claim things have changed since last year. Priorities have shifted, and Breath of the Wild is set to be a Switch launch game — at least in North America.

And therein lies the rub with all of this Breath of the Wild release date hullabaloo. Several people who claim to have inside sources are saying the game will be a March release in North America as well as Japan, but as far as Europe goes things are less clear. It was apparently only late last year that it was decided Breath of the Wild must hit the Switch’s launch, but sources claim Nintendo of Europe needs more time for localization and testing. It’s no surprise given the number of languages NoE must handle, but if this rumor turns out to be true it could be a disappointing blow to European Zelda fans.

It is an unfortunate dilemma for fans and Nintendo’s branches alike. Do you delay one of the biggest Switch games for a global release? Or does the fear of repeating the Wii U’s poor launch spur you to have a solid lineup this time around? No matter what choice is made there will be upset fans. But perhaps with luck this rumor won’t turn out to be true, and Zelda fans all over the world will enjoy the game together.