Did You Know Gaming has done extensive research and videos on the diverse Nintendo games to date. Obviously, this includes The Legend of Zelda. With dozens of videos on the game series in general, DYKG now aims to break down the characters, the first of these being Ganondorf, the main villain of the series.

Lots of interesting facts were covered in the video, from the poe sisters’ laugh being a sped up version of Ganondorf’s laugh in Ocarina of Time, to Ganon being planned to have been huge enough that Link would have had to climbed him to deal damage. This latter fact was scrapped due to the Nintendo 64’s limitations and the fact the camera would have not been able to capture Ganon’s entire body in one shot.

Listing all the facts mentioned seems redundant when you can simply watch the video yourself, so check out the rest of the facts on the video below, and tell us which facts you didn’t know!