I am a collector of Zelda merchandise. I am also cheap. Usually, those things don’t tend to go together, but every so often, a miracle happens. There is a sale! Now I’ve gotten a lot of Zelda merchandise on sale — A Princess Zelda Nendoroid, an Ocarina of Time, and even a metal Master Sword replica for only $30! While all those savings made my frugality sing with joy, there was one sale that I was waiting for that finally happened about a year ago.

For so long I have been eyeing the giant Skyward Sword Link figure. You know the one I’m talking about; They’re in every toy store, lined up all in a row like 20-inch soldiers in that bright green World of Nintendo box. Ever since I saw one, I had to have it, but at the same time, I did not want to spend my money on it. It was originally a $65 purchase, and for a toy, I found it to be way overpriced. Even if it was my favorite character of all time, I just couldn’t bare to part with so much money for an item that I would only use for decoration. The price did lower slightly as time went on, but not by much. I kept waiting because I knew the day would come where this item would go on sale.

Giant Link World of Nintendo Figure

It wasn’t until a trip to Gamestop in early 2016 that my hopes would come to fruition. I went into the store with a friend just hoping to pick up some new Funko Pops for my collection when we passed by the clearance table. I, of course, noticed the giant Link figure sticking out front and center on the table. Was that supposed to be there? Curiously, I checked it out, thinking it was a mistake. There was only one there, it seemed too suspicious. I checked the label on the box, and there it was, the price marked down from a whopping $65 to $25. No flippin’ way! I snagged the toy off the table, inspecting it for any deformities or design flaws. Nothing! Maybe a tiny scuff on the shield at most, but otherwise it was flawless! I approached my friend, hugging the figure, grinning from ear to ear. We went to the counter, I paid for my item, and we checked out. I was so excited to have a little big Link of my own. I even went as far as to buckle him up in the back seat of my car!

Link Figure Buckled Up

To this day, it is not only one of my favorite pieces of Zelda merchandise, but one of my favorite collectibles! Out of all my other figurines, he is the one I use the most for funny photos, even more than my Figma’s and Nendoroid’s! I still also smile every time I pass by these guys in the stores. A few weeks after my trip to Gamestop, I visited Nintendo World in Manhattan, and when I saw that they were still $65 there, I couldn’t help but snicker to myself about how much I saved. Even now as I go about my job at Toys R Us, while the price is now close to what I paid, $31 still ain’t no $25. Every item in my collection has a story behind it, and this is the story of how time and patience rewarded me with the hero of my dreams.

Link Figure with Smaug

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